The More The Merrier: Duo Info Coming Soon

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Want to know one of the hardest things about the pandemic for a perverted social butterfly like myself? It hasn’t been the masks, or missing out on restaurant dining. It hasn’t been the gym being closed either (for the record, I prefer doing my cardio outdoors, in all seasons).

No, one of the things I have missed above all else is group play sessions with my kinky friends! Not much tops the feeling of multiple people’s energy all combining in a glorious symphony. Some of my most unforgettable scenes have been with multiple play partners, and for good reason. Providing it is safe to do so (everyone involved should be double-vaxxed and showing no symptoms) I am very excited to announce my official return to duo sessions.

Have you ever felt the overwhelming intensity of being at the whim of two or more Dommes at once? Well wait until I tell you that the fun doesn’t stop there…

What about finally exploring that nagging desire to experiment with a man, all the while being under my control?

Can you even imagine the hotness of playing with me and my sub girl? Perhaps we’ll dominate her together, or I will dominate you both at once…or I might even be in the mood to have her dominate you, according to my orders.

Keep an eye on my website, because I’ll soon be launching a page for my duo partners, featuring photos, services available, and rates. The sky is the limit, and I can’t wait to get creative with you!

Passion between them is very strong

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