The Truth about Feminization

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There are so many reasons that people find it arousing to be dressed in frilly, lacey, feminine clothing and lingerie. First of all, the sensory pleasure of pulling on silky pantyhose, a soft satin bra, or being laced into a restrictive, waist-cinching corset is unparalleled. Second, of course, there’s the taboo aspect. Many men are shamed or mocked for enjoying anything “feminine,” and told that the luxury and beauty of these clothes is off limits to them. And for many of my subs, wearing panties or stockings that match my outfit is just another way of signifying my ownership over them. If they don’t normally wear lingerie in their daily life, being dressed in it when they enter the dungeon is another way of showing that my space is a different world, where different rules apply.

I would actually argue that all high-femme clothes are a sort of fetish object. What practical purpose does a high heel serve, besides accentuating the leg and raising the buttocks suggestively? What is the practical use of red lipstick and blush, besides accentuating the features in a way that mimics the flush of arousal? It’s only natural to sexualize these things: they are designed to excite us.

While I’ve heard a few people claim that feminization play is sexist, there are such a variety of fetishists out there that a blanket statement like this simply doesn’t make sense. Getting off on unleashing the feminine side you’ve been told to hide or be ashamed of doesn’t mean that you are sexist or homophobic. I’ve even met women and non-binary people who have a fetish for being feminized– like I said, the look, feel, and touch of lingerie is designed to be arousing, to be irresistible to our eyes and other senses. So, why bother trying to resist any longer?  

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