Guest Blog: The Meeting, by Ed

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There he is. You’re sitting in the café with a cool drink as he walks in looking to see who and where you might be. Tall, slim older than you but well dressed and moving nimbly for his age.  That’s good, he’d be of little use if he were tottering. As he approaches you notice he is well kept….short ,neatly trimmed  white beard, with short grey hair (what little is left of it). You see his bright blue eyes react with interest as you meet his gaze and nod to him once.   You notice that he quickly scans you from head to toe then looks a bit embarrassed, realizing you have caught him…but he sits quickly down and smiles. 

Short introductions out of the way and time passes quickly as the two of you share backgrounds and polite conversation, like any two strangers would, getting a sense of each other. You warm to  this bright, pleasant fellow,  feel the tingle….and looking at him fantasize about dominating him. After about 10 minutes you excuse yourself, go to the washroom and prepare for the next step. After applying fresh lipstick in a darker, brilliant shade; putting you hair up into a high ponytail; and removing your panties,  you return with them balled in your hand, sit down and crossing your leg, firmly press the edge of the sole of your pump against his calf under the table. Now your persona has changed. Holding his gaze you tell him how it will be. He is not to speak unless asked to. He is to be at your service as required. He will start his training as your pet and have various roles as you decide. Your servant, masseur, shoe shiner, foot worshipper, pussy licker, ass licker, whipping boy, etc…..all with the ultimate goal of being your slave. He will simply please you as you wish. 

As you speak you see the surrender begin in his eyes and you ask him if he understands what you are demanding. He says that yes he does and as your eyes harden he stares down at the table.  You ask him if he desires to be put in his proper place and serve you, his Mistress, Madam….his Lady. 

You smile when he simply nods his head, then reaching across the table you place your balled up panties in his hand and tell him you want him to cup them in both hands, find the damp gusset and sit there in the cafe sniffing them while looking you in the eye until you tell him to stop. 

He reddens, but does as asked and you rake the hard edge of your shoe up and down his leg feeling the power rise as you hold his gaze. You listen to his faint sniffing and watch his blue eyes glaze as you tell him he is yours…he will obey….he will please you….he will suffer… are his Goddess.

You watch as he sniffs….and watch….and watch. You tell him he is pleasing you and he trembles. 

Pussy is pleased too and twitches….eager to introduce herself to the new toy by giving it’s face a good long ride.

A good start….a very good start. 

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