How I Punish a Sub

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Punishment is an art, to me. Each one is unique, to the sub I assign it to and to their transgression.

I’ve had the occasional individual try to purposely offend or anger me, thinking that I will humiliate or punish them as a result. This is not the smartest strategy– they generally just get blocked without a single scolding word from me. People like this don’t get to the booking process, much less get a chance to meet me.

You see, if I punish, scold, or correct someone, that means that I am invested in our D/s relationship and invested in their improvement as a sub. It also means that I enjoy their company enough to expend my energy thinking of an appropriate punishment and executing it. Wasting my energy on someone who I have no relationship with, who has shown themselves to be disrespectful and does not seem to have the capacity for improvement, would just be illogical as well as taking my energy away from the subs who actually deserve it.

If I purposely assign an impossible task during a fun humiliation scene, it follows that the punishment will also be fun– after all, I made the task impossible on purpose, and the sub deserves something for their effort. These are the sort of punishments where I will blend pain or degradation with pleasure and satisfaction for the sub. That could mean anything from a rigorous pegging, to orgasm torture with a Hitachi wand, to being playfully cuckolded by me and a lover or another Domme.

If someone actually crosses a line, such as disobeying protocol, or behaving entitled towards me, I will likely assign a punishment that is more challenging and less satisfying for the sub. These punishments are geared more towards actually correcting the behavior and cementing the D/s dynamic, than adding to the erotic flair of a scene. These punishments tend to focus more on denial without reward (for example, not being allowed to look at me), or enduring some form of mental or physical trial, such as forced meditation, sensory deprivation, or corporal punishment.

Now that I’ve explained it a little, aren’t you grateful for your punishment? 

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