Castration Fantasy: The Ultimate Mind-fuck

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Castration fantasy is fascinating and hot for a few different reasons. One of the first that comes to mind, for me, is that it represents one of the most ultimate, and taboo, forms of power exchange: permanently altering a sub’s body, as I see fit. It’s like taking all of the principles of chastity, and bringing them to their most extreme, and permanent, conclusion.

Over the years I’ve played with a few different subs who share this fetish. It’s usually part of a medical role play, and tends to focus heavily on story-telling and fear play, as well as the use of props (my favorite being the illustrator, as you can see in this clip) and various medical implements which can be used to simulate an actual surgical procedure.

One of the most fun parts of this role play, for me, is the justification behind such a radical procedure: is my sub terribly ill, and this is the only way to save their life? Or perhaps I believe that castration is the next step in their training towards complete submission and servitude, and I’ve made the choice to help them focus all their energy on me.

Since the fetish relies so heavily on simulating something which would obviously never do in real life, it can help to apply some erotic hypnosis to help a sub feel completely immersed in the fantasy.

There’s nothing quite like feeling safe and assured, with a side of simulated terror. 

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