Verbal Humiliation

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Talking dirty to Crew Foxxx

Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Dirty Words Excite You: behind the scenes of my verbal humiliation fetish

Verbal humiliation is a kink skill that I find particularly versatile. For one thing, it’s in high demand since lockdown measures in Ontario mean that I can’t presently be degrading willing individuals in person. Unlike a series of hard blows to your exposed ass via my cane or paddle, verbal humiliation is something which can be done effectively, from a distance.

To an outsider, verbal humiliation (like many aspects of kink) can look downright cruel. Why, after all, would I be hurling a slew of insults at any person that I respect or care for? Personally, I think that the whole FinDomme trend we see over-saturating NSFW Twitter hasn’t done much to correct this misconception. There’s people who get into online domination thinking that it’s easy money, and don’t always understand that humiliation/degradation is a specific fetish which doesn’t apply to every sub.

For me, it should go without saying that when I tell someone they mean less to me than the dirt on the bottom of my heel, that statement is grounded in fantasy rather than fact. If I genuinely believed a person to be worthless and disgusting, I would not want to interact with them at all, much less engage with them in something as intimate as kink play.

Another thing I love about verbal humiliation is that there’s infinite avenues to get creative. While I see a lot of online content focusing on the commoner degradation fetishes (for example SPH, cuckolding, and others), the most memorable verbal humiliation scenes I’ve done were also the most unique. I recently made a custom clip, for example, where I discussed the judicial punishments for sexual deviancy that I would apply to my sub. Other amazing scenes I’ve done involved role plays in which I was a powerful supernatural being (usually a vampire), humiliating my human sub for being unable to match my strength and inhuman power.

When it comes down to it, nothing excites me the way unique and bizarre fetishes do. As long as it’s safe, sane, and consensual, the sky is the limit as far as your imagination is concerned!

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