Overnight Sessions: Are You Ready?

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Overnight sessions are a topic which frequently pops up in my inquiries. I find that subs asking for overnights usually fall into one of two categories: newbies who don’t yet have a grasp of the sort of stamina and mental/emotional work extended BDSM sessions require, and seasoned players who have done enough extended sessions to know that they enjoy it and are ready to take the plunge and try a full overnight. If you think you might fall into the first category (a new player who is eager to make their first, second, or third BDSM session an overnight date), don’t worry: it makes sense to want more of a good thing, right?

I’d encourage you, however, to consider a few things before asking a Domme about overnight sessions:

-BDSM porn, erotica, and even your own personal fantasies can create unrealistic expectations. The idea of being pegged, flogged, or kept in isolation for multiple hours may seem extremely hot in your mind, but in reality your body will reach a limit and you may not want to keep playing after that. How much do you actually know about your stamina and your threshold of exhaustion for the kink activities you’re asking about?

-Sleep and social time are an essential part of overnight sessions. Booking me from 8pm-8am does not mean we will be playing for twelve hours straight. While there are plenty of options for continuing our dynamic during the “down time” portion (for example, you sleeping in bondage at the foot of my bed), I require a minimum of six hours of sleep as well as breaks to eat, relax, and check in. I find that most experienced subs who see me for overnights factor this into the equation and come expecting to break things up with casual conversation, cuddles, and rest.

-Finances. An overnight date is a larger financial commitment than your average 2-3 hour session. Is this actually in your budget right now, or are you just talking out loud about your fantasies? If it’s the second one, save it for a NiteFlirt conversation.

Still think an overnight session is for you? If so, they can also be some of the most memorable and intimate times I’ve had with new and returning subs. They just take a little extra forethought and planning, on my part as well as yours 😉

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