Extreme Wedgies

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I recently had the opportunity to indulge in a fetish which is very dear to my heart: extreme wedgies. Wedgies are a funny thing, in the world of fetish: it’s not the most common interest, but the people who are into it (myself included), are very….very…into it. When a certain wedgie slut who sees me about once a year messaged me for another booking, I knew it was time to stock up on a new supply of extra large, durable panties. They had to be large enough, and stretchy enough, to pull all the way over his head. I got a pack of six, expecting to leave each pair ripped to shreds. My expectation was correct, of course: not a single pair survived our hour-long wedgie humiliation session. And like the little exhibitionist he is, my wedgie slut requested that I film and post his degradation for everyone to see. You can watch it here, along with my other partnered content, on LoyalFans: Mistress Ophira’s Official Social Fan Page | LoyalFans

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