Lift and Carry

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Nothing gives me a rush of excited surprise quite like opening an email request for a fetish I don’t encounter every day. While Lift/Carry is by no means an unusual fetish in the grand scheme of things, it’s uncommon enough that I don’t meet many local subs who are interested in it. The niche is popular enough that I see plenty of interaction if I post about it on my Twitter feed, but sadly it’s mostly from forlorn subs in other countries who aren’t about to travel thousands of miles to me for a Lift/Carry session in Toronto.In general, the lift/carry subs who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person have a fascination with being made to feel small in comparison to myself. Although some might have a genuinely diminutive physique, revelling in the actual difference between our body sizes, others have outweighed me significantly. Having an active lifestyle and enjoying weight training in my spare time has thankfully given me the ability to safely lift and carry people who are sometimes ten to twenty pounds heavier than myself. I had quite a funny exchange with a friend of mine recently, after I told her that “leg day” for me that week consisted of carrying a 160lb man in various positions for close to an hour. She was so flabbergasted that she still hasn’t stopped mentioning it.For me, the appeal of Lift/Carry lies not only in the feeling of overpowering another person, but also in the nurturing feeling which can come with it. I have at times combined the fetish with ABDL themes, going deep into the Mommy aspect of my dominance. The intimacy in those moments is truly unmatched.

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