Sensation Play and Hypnosis:

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The Softer Side of Domination

One of the many untrue stereotypes when it comes to BDSM is that it’s all about whips and chains…and while I love the feeling of wrapping my fingers around the leather handle of a well-crafted single tail, or feeling the weight of a length of steel chain in my hands, there is so much more to be discovered besides pain and restraint.

Out of all the submissives I’ve met, very few are actually true masochists. I’m thrilled when I do meet a true masochist, who genuinely experiences pain as an intensely pleasurable sensation…those are indeed some of my most intense scenes. However, there are many ways to satisfy me, and I find that there are many, more subtle (but no less potent) forms of control that I can exert over those who don’t have those pain-slut tendencies.

One of my favorite ways of doing this is combining hypnosis, sensation play, and edging. I’ve had my willing subjects tell me that this experience felt both intensely relaxing and deeply submissive for them. They often come out of it in a sort of trance, and I delight in seeing the ways that I’ve completely manipulated both their mind and their body (with their consent, of course).

If I had to choose between and intense beat-down and a deep sensual scene like the one I just described, I’m not sure that I could! Both are delicious in their own way, and sometimes my preference depends on my mood.

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