Arrive on time

Please arrive on time, not early or late.

I expect impeccable hygiene, and am always delighted by subs who arrive wearing naughty undergarments or take other measures to look special for our meeting.

Sober play is awesome

Do not arrive intoxicated– alcohol and recreational drugs can blur your sense of pain tolerance and boundaries, making BDSM play dangerous. Sober play means you can fully enjoy the natural rush of endorphins and other neurochemicals!

Please ensure that you have eaten in the past few hours and are properly hydrated.

Bringing gifts

If you would like to bring a small gift to our meeting I always enjoy coffee (two cream, no sugar) and dark chocolate. For other gifts, please inquire or consult my wish list

Available Hours

  • Monday
    Book in Advance
  • Tuesday
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  • Wednesday
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  • Thu - Friday
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  • Sat - Sunday
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