The Erotic Power of Tears

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To most people, being brought to tears indicates a state of profound emotional intensity: whether it is distress, joy, relief, or some combination of these, the experiences which make us cry are rarely neutral. In my life as a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix, the submissives and masochists I have encountered who want to experience this level of intensity in a scene is comparatively small.

This, I believe, is one of the reasons why I find tears so filled with erotic power: seeing a person give themselves to me so completely that they allow such a vulnerable emotional response is a rare and valuable gift. Bringing a person to the point of tears is also a vulnerable experience for myself, as I need a level of trust and intimacy with them that allows me to know how far I can push their physical and mental limits. Some of the scenarios in which I have been lucky enough to provoke tears in a play partner include:

-extreme degradation with the result of deep emotional release

-a combination of pain and verbal scolding

-prolonged edging

-sensory overload

When was the last time you cried? How did you feel before, during, and after the experience? Do you find the thought of crying in front of another person humiliating, intimate, or perhaps both? All of these and more are the questions which come to mind for me when I consider the emotional aspects of crying. There is also something very special to me about giving aftercare after a sub has been brought to such a vulnerable place. The intimacy, for me, is unmatched. 

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