Toronto Duo’s

by Admin


Forced Bi/Cuckolding

Duo rate: 800 roses

I have two wonderful, sexy Bulls at my disposal if you find yourself curious about the unmatched thrill of submitting to myself as well as a dominant man. When inquiring about forced bi or cuckold sessions, bear in mind that they are human beings, not just fetish props. Any requests for unsafe/unprotected sexual contact will be deleted unread. 

Duo rate: 700 roses

A few people have told me they fantasize about submitting to Lady V but feel too intimidated to book. My answer to that is, when are you going to quit being such a little bitch? This woman is a freight train of dominant energy, and you can tell when you session with us that we’re inseparable in and outside of the dungeon. She’s raw, nasty, mean, and will have you begging for more.


Duo rate: 750 roses

Stephanie is the perfect mixture of sweet, seductive, and sinfully kinky. I love to play with her and our natural chemistry is clear to anyone who has the pleasure of joining. Can you imagine getting spit-roasted by the two of us? Or perhaps we should tie you up while we have our fun together and “force” you to watch. This is a duo that will leave you breathless, speechless, and possibly lacking other senses as well 😉

Duo rate: 700 roses

I’d describe my dynamic with Jayne as fun, devious, nasty, and absolutely unforgettable. She has the face of angel, a demonically sadistic mind, and experience in a whole plethora of kinks. Do you think you can handle these two fiery redheads at once? 

Duo rate: 

I’m Teddy. You may recognize me from my online porn career; if not I’m a dog lover, a fitness enthusiast, enjoyed of long conversations, and a bit of a sex addict. I’m assertive but respectful, a top leaning switch, with a bit of an obsession for butts. When not doing naked things I enjoy Drag Shows, Musicals, Professional Wrestling, reading, vintage shopping, getting lost in music, or doing dog dad things.