Omicron, Reduced Booking Capacity, and Subscription Site Updates

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How are you feeling about intimacy and connection in this stage of the pandemic? Anxious, worried, or maybe just sick and tired of COVID continuing to put the breaks on your kink life? Like many people, I’m also feeling the exhaustion of wanting things to go back to “normal” while also trying to balance health and safety needs. As always, the only 100% COVID-safe option is to enjoy an online session with me, via Skype, Niteflirt (calls and text), or ordering a custom video.

I will still be offering in-person sessions but will be reducing my booking capacity. It should also go without saying, if either one of us has any symptoms on the booking day, we’ll have to reschedule– it is always better to be safe than sorry.

The other update I’d like to share is that I will no longer be using AVN Stars as a subscription site due to the platform becoming demonetized. Unfortunately, this is part of a wider trend of payment processors refusing to do business with sites that feature adult content. Not only is this very inconvenient for performers and their fans, I personally think it also ironically makes the internet a less safe place– putting a pay-wall between viewers and adult content is one of the best ways to make sure porn is only being viewed by consenting adults.

I’ve started moving my content over to OnlyFans, where you can continue to browse my photo and video content from the safety of your home– until we can get kinky in person again, I hope it provides a little solace 😉

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