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What’s so sexy to me about a serious WAM (Wet and Messy) session? Is it the sloshy, sploshy sensation of drenching my sub in various textures of slime, syrup, and messy food? The thrill of degrading them by turning them into nothing more than a sentient mess? Or is it perhaps the sheer decadence of destroying a whole table of cakes, pies, cupcakes, cans of whip cream, and jugs of syrup, all for the purpose of our devious fetish?

I’m sure, dear reader, you can guess that the answer is ALL. I find WAM play to be hot, hilarious, degrading, fun, and creative. I love to see you glazed like a doughnut, drenched in green slime, and force-fed chocolate cupcakes while I smash your face into a key-lime pie. Because of the preparation and cleanup times, as well as the more limited options for spaces where WAM is acceptable (nowhere with fancy upholstery, for example) 24+ hours notice is absolutely mandatory– but fear not, my darlings, the extra planning is more than worth it.  

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