Lesbian Cuckolding: My Favorite Fetish?

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Many submissive men seem to think cuckolding is all about a Domme humiliating them with a “superior” man. Personally, that’s not what makes me feel most dominant. I don’t actually care which one of you is taller, or who has a bigger dick– the thought of being with an “Alpha male” (a term that always tends to make me laugh a little) is not what comes to mind as making me feel my most dominant. What makes me feel most dominant, is showing a male sub that men are sexually irrelevant to me altogether– and that, my friends, is why I love lesbian cuckolding so much. This month has been a delicious foray into some amazing lesbian cuckolding scenarios, for me…it’s such a rush seeing the look of humiliation, exclusion, and voyeuristic amazement on a sub’s face while me and another woman have our fun. The possibilities for incorporating other fetishes (bondage, chastity, and objectification come to mind easily) are nearly endless! If you’re curious, take a peek at my list of duo partners and imagine the possibilities…

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