What to Expect During Your First Session

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If you feel nervous or apprehensive about booking your first session, you are not alone. After all, who wouldn’t feel a little nervous (and perhaps excited?) about disclosing their most secret desires to a stranger?

Some of the most common questions I encounter center around how safe and discreet my practice is. I can assure you that I take all precautions to ensure your safety and discretion.

The Ritual Chamber is a private dungeon, meaning there will not be other people using the play space while we are. All of my equipment and toys are clean and sanitized, and as a professional I know which manufacturers ensure quality and safety. I do not use anything that is not body-safe in my practice.

I have access to a wide variety of equipment, props, and toys, so if you’re looking for something in particular, chances are I have it.

Over the years I have attended numerous workshops, seminars, and classes on BDSM, as well as practicing regularly in my daily life. If you ask for something that I am not able to do, I will recommend that you go elsewhere.

All of my sessions start with a peer-to-peer check-in about boundaries, medical issues, and safe words. The scene does not start as soon as you walk in the door (unless we’ve previously negotiated that).

Above all else, kink is Safe, Sane, and Consensual. As I try to portray with my online presence, I am very much a down-to-earth human being who just happens to have an irresistible passion for deviant desires. Fear can be a potent aphrodisiac, but as far as your actual safety is concerned? I guarantee you are placing yourself in very capable hands.  

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