My Favourite Type of Sub

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I’ve had the question posed to me time and time again: what do I look for in a submissive? What is my favourite “type” of sub?

The short answer is, the same things I look for in any person I’m going to share my time and energy with: kindness, respect, self-awareness, and an open mind.

Perhaps this isn’t the answer you hoped for. When prospective clients ask me this, I have a sneaking suspicion they’re hoping I’ll say something along the lines of “a perfect, prissy little sissy slut” or “an obedient foot slave who knows his place is underneath my perfect soles.”

Do I love both of those things? Of course. But asking me to choose between or rank them is a little bit counter-intuitive when you’re addressing someone as greedy as myself. See, I want it all. I want an endless and diverse array of kinks spread out before me like a perverted cornucopia. Which ones I prefer often depends on my mood. It also depends on our personal chemistry. If I see that you excel at a certain type of service, for example, I may order you to do that particular task more frequently and it may become one of my favourite activities when it comes to our individual dynamic.

With another sub, however, my favourite type of play might be something else entirely. In other words, there is no specific label or word which comes to mind when I imagine a good sub. I love to tame a defiant brat, but I also love the malleability of a meek, obedient servant. I love responsive, dramatic masochists who moan, scream, and thank me profusely as I cane their exposed backsides, and I love the stoic ones who take every blow in silence unless I order them to do otherwise.

If there’s one thing I’d like you to take away from this, it’s that you should strive, above all else, to be yourself when we meet. Your authenticity is one of the best things you can offer me.  

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