Pampering my Feet

by Admin
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If you follow me on Twitter, perhaps it’s hard to picture me without a pair of sky-high platform heels. I love the look and feel of classic shit-kicking boots, and lacing them up is part of what mentally prepares me to get into Domme space before a scene.

Those heels take a toll though– outside of the dungeon, it’s purely about comfort when it comes to my feet. Heels contort the foot into an unnatural and dramatic shape, which can be highly erotic. What’s equally erotic to me, although in a different way, is the sensual pleasure of taking off those heels and slipping into something made from soft, luxurious, natural materials– well worn canvas sneakers, sheepskin boots or slippers, or the buttery softness of sandals or slides made from fine leather. My feet are extremely sensitive, and deserve to be pampered accordingly. 

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