The Best Way to Relax

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Something had been bothering me, the past week– I couldn’t quite put my finger on what, but it was as though I just had an itch I couldn’t scratch.

Have you ever felt that way before? Agitated, without a clear reason as to why?

I would try all my usual ways to clear my mind, and they just weren’t working– running, meditating, and taking time off from my busy schedule all failed at shaking the nagging feeling of tension.

At some point, I got a request for a sensual strap-on session (not unusual at all, as I tend to get quite a few of those). When our appointment came around I packed my bag of tricks, and headed to the dungeon with a large coffee in my hand as I often do. Now, I always love a good strap-on session. Whether it’s a sadistic punishment or a sensual romp, strap-on play is one of my all time favorite fetishes. And I was all the more delighted to find, only halfway through the scene, that my sub could take a lot more than just my strap. The slow build-up and tease/denial I began the scene with had worked him into such a frenzy that he was desperate to take more and more for me. The evening ended with him taking his very first fist!

On my way home, reflecting on the last few hours, I noticed that the underlying sense of tension I’d had for the past week was gone. I felt calm, relaxed, and grounded once again. The moral of this story is, if you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious for no clear reason, perhaps it’s just been too long since you indulged in one of your favorite fetishes! 

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