Keyholding and Distance Domination

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October has so far been one of my busiest months in terms of online Domination. Between Niteflirt, my AVN Stars subscription page, and regulating my long-distance subs, there are many ways I stay connected to devotees who live far away (or those who live close by and want a way to connect between our in-person meetings).

I’ve had a few people ask how exactly distance Domination and keyholding (chastity) work, for me. The answer is that I generally figure out individual agreements which suit the needs of individual subs. For example, I have one sub who is in long-term chastity to me and is a very self-directed person. She stays locked between our in-person meetings, during which we check in and play. She’s quite obedient and has very little (if any) desire to get out of her cage or breach protocol. I have the keys to her device, and because we live close by we were able to meet on short notice the one time she was having cage issues and needed to be unlocked.

Another chastity sub of mine requires a lot of encouragement and discipline, so we have daily check-ins via Niteflirt during which she reports on her adherence to my rules, and does any punishments I prescribe under my virtual supervision. Because we live far apart, the keys to her device are in a lock box with a timer that I control (and can be opened in emergencies).

I have other long-distance chastity subs who are not in long-term chastity, and will only be locked for the duration of our phone/video sessions. For these relationships, it would not be practical for me to physically have the keys, so I rely on methods such as having them place the keys in a bottle of water and freezing it to prevent unlocking before I say so.

As a denial fetishist, I just love chastity for so many reasons. What are some of your reasons for loving it?

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